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Dance Makers Inc. Nationals 2017

Myrtle Beach, SC



Alex Troupe- 1st runner up Mr. DMI

Christian Nesselrotte- 3rd runner up Teen Mr. DMI

Elena Gimenez-13th runner up(out of 156) for Senior Miss DMI


Group, Line and Production Awards

“Truth” -1st place Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical

“Kill’em With Kindness” - 1st place Pre-Teen Contemporary Line

Happy” - 2nd place Pre-Teen Tap Line

“And The Waltz Goes On” - 2nd place Pre-Teen Lyrical Line

“Takeda Dark Lullaby” - 2nd place-Pre-Teen Lyrical Group

Pretty Things” - High First

                        Runner Up High Score Teen Lyrical Production

“Secrets” -1st place Teen Contemporary Duo/Trio

“Blinded By Privilege” - 1st place Teen Contemporary Line

“No” - 1st place Senior Hip Hop Line

“24” - 1st place Senior Contemporary Duo/Trio

“Don't Worry About Me” - High First

                                    Runner Up High Score Senior Lyrical Duo/Trio

“Gravity” - High First Senior Duo/Trio

“Juke Box Baby” - 1st place High Score Senior Tap Production

“Loved By You” - High First

                         High Score Senior Lyrical Line

“Wolves” - High First

              Runner Up High Score Senior Contemporary Line

“Awoo” - High First

            Runner Up High Score Senior Variety Duo/Trio

“Casino Royale” - High First

                     Runner Up High Score Senior Musical Theatre Line

“SAX” - High First

         High Score Senior Variety Production


Dance Again Awards 

This was awarded to the 28 dances that the judges wanted to see “Dance Again”

“Don't Worry About Me”

“Pretty Things”



Brenna Vital – Regional Scholarship (two cities)

Anna Hebert – Regional Scholarship (two cities)

Alex Troupe – Regional Scholarship (two cities)

Lija Abele - Stephen Boyd scholarship

Movement Lifestyle Studios LA - Hadley Cawthorne

Summer Intensive ½ Scholarship -Elena Gimenez



Collective Season 5

All expenses paid mentorship and assistantship with the DMI faculty for the 2017-2018 tour!

Hadley Cawthorne


National Over All Awards

“Pretty Things” – 2nd place overall Teen Production

“Don't Worry About Me” - 5th overall Senior Duo/Trio

“Casino Royale” - 3rd overall Senior Large Line

“Jukebox Baby” - 4th overall Senior Production

“Sax” - 3rd overall Senior Production

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