Meet Our Dancers

Artist Simply Human

Nashville, TN


Solo, Duo, Trio

“Growing Pains”

Lija Abele - Potential Plus Award



Katie Clark - Musical Mastery Award


“Heavenly Father”

Alex Troupe - Judges Choice Award


“Heads Will Roll”

Ava Baker - Entertainment Award


“Let Me Down”

Technical Execution Pick - Aubrey Blomeley, Briley Blomeley and Ava Baker


“The Home”

Standout Routine and Studio Selection - Brenna Vital, Jansyn Free and Taylor Griffith



Standout Routine - Alex Troupe and Elena Smith



Artists in Training âƒ Kate Johnson

Intermediate âƒ Brenna Vital, Briley Blomeley, Lauren Martin

Advanced âƒ Alex Troupe, Christian Nesselrotte, Lija Abele, Taylor Griffith

1/2 Nationals or Summer Intensive Scholarship – Christian Nesselrotte, Ava Baker

AMDA Conservatory Scholarship - Lija Abele, Taylor Griffith, Faith Engelkemier

Conditional acceptance into Relativity – Alex Troupe and Emma O’Brien

Anna Fennell - Scholarship to AMDA and $20,000 scholarship

Alex Troupe - Acceptance into AMDA and $40,000 scholarship

 Apprentices - Kate Johnson (Artist in Training) Briley Blomeley (Junior) Taylor Griffith and Alex Troupe (Senior)

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