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Cincinnati, OH


Bohemian Rhapsody-Platinum, 1st Overall Senior Musical Theatre Production, Top Senior Group and Director’s Choice

  Rappers Delight- Platinum, 5th Overall Junior Jazz Group

 Moon Fairies- High Gold Junior Ballet Group

 Old Friends- High Gold place Teen Contemporary Trio

 Like This- High Gold, 2nd Overall Teen Contemporary Group

 Legends- High Gold Senior Jazz Trio

 Little Boxes- High Gold Senior Contemporary Trio

 Unworthy-Platinum, 3rd Overall Senior Contemporary Duo/Trio

 The Home-High Gold Teen Lyrical Duo

 Let Me Down- Platinum, 3rd Overall Teen Contemporary Duo/Trio

 Lip Gloss- Platinum, 2nd Overall Teen Hip Hop Group

 As Long As You Love Me-High Gold Pre-Teen Contemporary line

 Pink Cadillac-High Gold, 1st Overall Pre-Teen Jazz Production

 Believer –Platinum, 2nd Overall Senior Contemporary Group

 Umbrella-High Gold Teen Contemporary Line

 Back in Black-High Gold, 2nd Overall Senior Jazz Group

 Singin’ In the Rain-Platinum Senior Musical Theatre

 River-Platinum Senior Contemporary Line

 Castle-High Gold Teen Contemporary Production

 Swish Swish-Platinum, 3rd Overall Senior Hip Hop Line

 Us Unfolding-High Gold Senior Lyrical Group

 What About Us-Platinum, 1st Overall Teen Contemporary

 Boy Meets Girl-High Gold, 1st Overall Senior Jazz Production


 Scholarship  Winners

Senior: Ashlie Campbell, Faith Engelkemier, Kaylee Kendrick, Emma O’Brien, Elena Smith

 Teen: Lija Abele, Jansyn Free, Kennedy Jackson, Christian Nesselrotte, Brenna Vital

 Junior: Briley Blomeley, Kate Johnson

 Millennium Dance Project: Lija Abele and Brenna Vital

 HDJ: Kaylee Kendrick

 Millennium Nashville: Emma O’Brien

 Broadway Dance Center: Ashlie Campbell, Elena Smith

 Summer Jam: Faith Engelkemier

 Strong Selfie Award: Sophia Lopez



 Briley Blomeley – High Gold Junior

 Kate Johnson – High Gold Junior

 Brenna Vital – High Gold Teen

 Ava Baker – High Gold, 10th Overall Teen

 Lija Abele – Platinum, 2nd Overall Teen

 Christian Nesselrotte – Platinum, 4th Overall Teen

 Ashlie Campbell – Platinum, 7th Overall Senior

 Katie Clark – Platinum, 9th Overall Senior

 Raegan Segerson – Platinum, 3rd Overall Senior

 Elena Smith – Platinum, 10th Overall Senior

 Anna Fennell – High Gold Senior

 Emma O’Brien – High Gold Senior

 Alex Troupe – Platinum, 6th Overall Senior and Platinum, 2nd Overall Senior, Re-Dance Jamming Award

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