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Hollywood Dance Jamz

Birmingham, AL


Senior Soloists

Raegan Segerson - Platinum, 3rdplace overall


Kaylee Kendrick - High Gold, 9thplace overall


Taylor Griffith - High Gold, 10thplace overall


Brenna Vital - High Gold, Best Choreography award


Christian Nesselrotte - High Gold, Judge’s Choice award


Faith Engelkemier - High Gold


Jansyn Free - High Gold


Aubrey Blomeley - High Gold


Lija Abele – Gold


Anna Fennell - Gold


Intermediate Soloist

Kate Johnson - Platinum, 4thplace overall


Teen Soloists

Briley Blomeley - High Gold, 6thplace overall


Ava Baker - High Gold, 10thplace overall 


Isaac Poteete – Gold


Samantha Baker - Gold



Intermediate, Teen and Senior Duo/Trios

Eden Joy Craighead, Kate Johnson, Jadyn LaFayette - That’s My Jam, 1stplace overall 

Intermediate Duo/Trio and Best Choreography award


Katelyn Valtos, Claire Ward, Robyn Pope - High Gold, Intermediate Duo/Trio


Samantha Baker, Kennedy Jackson, Christian Nesselrotte - Platinum, 1stplace overall Teen Duo/Trio


Sarah Hill, Allison Arzonico, Anna Lindsey - Platinum, 2ndplace overall Teen Duo/Trio


Ava Baker, Aubrey Blomeley, Briley Blomeley - High Gold, 3rdplace overall Teen Duo/Trio


Janysn Free, Taylor Griffith, Brenna Vital - Platinum, 2ndplace overall Senior Duo/Trio


Lija Abele, Kaylee Kendrick, Raegan Segerson - Platinum, Senior Duo/Trio


Small/Large Groups

When Love Takes Over – Intermediate Jazz large group, Platinum, 1stplace overall and Judge’s Choice award


Mathematics – Senior Contemporary small group, Platinum, 1stplace overall 


Heartless – Senior Contemporary large group, That’s My Jam and Judge’s Choice award


Pon De Bandana – Senior Hip Hop large group, Platinum and Best Choreography award


Save Myself- Senior Contemporary small group, Platinum, 2ndplace overall


Love is a Battlefield – Teen Jazz large group, High Gold


Somebody To Love – Senior Musical Theatre Production, That’s My Jam, 1st Overall, Highest Scoring Production


Proud Mary- Senior Tap small group, High Gold


Blind Heart – Intermediate Jazz small group, High Gold



Scholarship Finalists

Junior - Claire Ward, Eden Joy Craighead, Lily Arnold, Makenzie McGill


Intermediate - Kate Johnson, Jadyn LaFayette, Katelyn Valtos


Teen - Allison Arzonico, Ava Baker, Briley Blomeley, Isaac Poteete, Abby Martin


Senior - Lija Abele, Kennedy Jackson, Raegan Segerson, Brenna Vital, Taylor Griffith, 

Kaylee Kendrick, Christian Nesselrotte


Scholarship Winners

Junior “I Am The Jam” - Eden Joy Craighead, eligible to compete for Dancer of the Year


Intermediate Single City - Katelyn Valtos


Intermediate “I Am The Jam”- Kate Johnson, eligible to compete for Dancer of the Year


Teen Single City - Ava Baker, Isaac Poteete


Teen “I Am The Jam”- Briley Blomeley, eligible to compete for Dancer of the Year 


Senior Single City - Kaylee Kendrick and Brenna Vital


Senior “I Am The Jam” - Lija Abele, Raegan Segerson, eligible to compete for Dancer of the Year


Intermediate Class Nationals Scholarship - Jordan Lewis


Mini “I Am the Jam” Scholarship – Daniel Welchans


Tap Nationals Scholarship - Abby Rose Percy


Broadway Dance Center Scholarship - Christian Nesselrotte


Los Angeles Millennium Dance Complex Scholarship - Brenna Vital


GTA Talent Agency - Makenzie McGill, Isaac Poteete, Kate Johnson, Lija Abele

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