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2022 ASH Nashville

Event Information

Artists Simply Human

January 7-9, 2022 ~ Nashville, TN


Future Star Award

“Somewhere Over The Rainbow” – Maximus Turner


Technical Execution Pick

“All I Ask” - Ava Baker

“Slackjaw” - Jordan Lewis


Standout Routine

“Waves” - Daniel Welchans

“Always Remember Us This Way” - Briley Blomeley

“Motion Sickness” - Lauren Martin


Entertainment Pick

“Heartburn” – Claire Johnson, Maximus Turner

“Brand New Day”


Choreography Pick

“Jump” – Betsy Lawley, Emma Leurck, Grace Hill

“Falling” –Madeline Jensen, Jordan Lewis, Sophia Taff

“All I Know So Far”


 “Move If You Wanna”


Standout Routines

“Here” – Eden Joy Craighead

“Don’t Leave Me” – Sophia Taff

“Heart of Glass” – Kate Johnson

“A Prayer” – Kayla Neely, Mary Frances Welsch, Emily Smith


Studio Selections

“This Day”


Judges Choice Award

“Yellow” – Sarah Helms, Lauren Martin, Brenna Vital

 “Flawless” – Ava Grace Long, Makenzie McGill, Berlin Detulleo

“Tuk Tuk”


True Artist Awards

“This Day”



Advanced Studio of the Weekend

The Dance Company


Scholarship Finalists

Briley Blomeley

Clara Choung

Eden Joy Craighead

Brooklyn Dougherty

Claire Johnson

Kate Jonson

Jadyn LaFayette

Betsy Lawley

Emma Leurck

Jordan Lewis

Ava Grace Long

Makenzie McGill

Abby Rose Percy

Maximus Turner

Brenna Vital


Nationals Scholarship

Lillian Freelove

Elle Bennett

Lara Lum

Daniel Welchans

Kenzie Hollatz

Catherine Miller

Kate Rush

Libbie Pinkerton

Aliana Pointer

Lily Arnold

Berlin Detulleo

Isaac Poteete

Lauren Martin


AMDA Summer Intensive

Kate Johnson

Jordan Lewis


Hussian College Acceptance

Brenna Vital


ASH Apprentice

Artist In Training

Claire Johnson

Betsy Lawley

Maximus Turner



Brenna Vital

Jordan Lewis

Briley Blomeley


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