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Scholarship Awards

Alex Troupe won a full tuition scholarship to LA this summer to attend the Dance Ideas Seminar

Senior Scholarship Winners: Hadley Cawthorne, Anna Hebert, Raegan Segerson and Alex Troupe

Senior Scholarship Finalist: Elena Gimenez

Teen Scholarship Winners: Lija Abele, Christin Montgomery, Christian Nesselrotte

Teen Scholarship Finalists: Ellie Hundley, Emmy Redmill


Solo Awards:

Anna Hebert: Platinum Award and 8th Over-All Senior Solo

Hadley Cawthorne: High Gold Award

Elena Gimenez: High Gold Award

Christin Montgomery: High Gold Award

Christian Nesselrotte: High Gold Award

Maria Schmidt: High Gold Award

Alex Troupe: High Gold Award

Duo / Trio Awards

Just Give Me A Reason: Raegan Segerson and Alex Troupe

         Platinum Award and 1st Over-All Teen Duo/Trio

When You Open Your Eyes: Hadley Cawthorne, Elena Gimenez, Elena Smith

         Platinum Award and 2nd Over-All Senior Duo/Trio

Take My Hand: Ava Baker, Briley Blomeley, Christin Montgomery  

         High Gold Award and 4th Over-All Junior Duo/Trio

Kick: Lija Abele, Anna Hebert, Kaylee Kendrick

         High Gold Award


Group / Line / Production Awards

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Platinum & 2nd Over-All Teen Large Group

Warrior – Platinum and 3rd Over-All Senior Small Group

Goodbye – High Gold and 1st Over-All Senior Line

Believe –High Gold and 3rd Over-All Teen Production

80’s Dance Party – High Gold and 4th Over-All Junior Production

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – High Gold and 3rd Over-All Junior Line

Monster – High Gold Award and 7th Over-All Junior Small Group

Badlands – High Gold Award

Dancing On My Own – High Gold Award

I Wanna Dance With My Zigga Zig – High Gold Award

Somewhere Only We Know – High Gold Award

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